Bass traps

Low frequency (Bass) sound waves are long and very strong, so they are hard to stop.  Bass sound wave accumulate in corners of the room, the most problem area's are where the walls meet the ceiling.

The corners of a room have the effect of amplifying sound and acting as a secondary sound source. This ‘secondary’ sound arrives at the ears of the listener a split second after the direct sound from the speakers, degrading the original sound information.

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Joiners make a professional and functional setup for your ceiling bass traps. These cubes are 300mm x 300mm x 300mm square, make of the same high quality acoustic foam all other products are made from.

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These Acoustic Foam Corner Bass traps are great for asborbing low frequency sound. Dimensions of each trap: 240mm (h) x 120mm (w) x 120mm (w)...

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These corner Bass Traps will solve those bass problems that accumulate in the corners of the room with their amazing low end frequency absorption qualities.

Minimum quantity for "Corner Bass trap" is 2.