Corner Bass trap

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Minimum quantity for "Corner Bass trap" is 2.

These items are a high quality product, manufactured in the USA from specially formulated foam designed perform as a sound-dampening material.

We are one of the few suppliers to provide product performance data, backed by independent testing. This is aimed at helping you make sure you are purchasing a product that will meet your requirements.

Low frequency (Bass) sound waves are long and very strong, so they are hard to stop. These corner Bass Traps will solve those bass problems that accumulate in the corners of the room with their amazing low frequency absorption qualities.

Recommended for all room sizes with bass problems. They also provide great all around sound absorption.


Dimensions: 600mm (h) x 300mm (w) x 300mm (w)

Colour: Charcoal

Frequency NRC
125 Hz 1.18
250 Hz 1.27
500 Hz 1.26
1000 Hz 1.19
2000 Hz 1.16
4000 Hz 1.16

Overall NRC: 1.20

Tested to the ASTM C423-09a standard by Riverbank Acoustical Laboratories.


These items are in stock in our Auckland warehouse, and are normally delivered in 1-3 working days.