"...the bass traps have made a significant improvement in bass and mids in addition to my existing acoustic panels. Satisfied customer, cheers!" - Jordan, Mt Roskill


"Since installing the Foam Acoustic products into my home studio, my work as an audio engineer and producer has become infinitely easier. All of a sudden now I can hear the low end accurately and as a result my mix downs and final products are now at a much higher level" - Ryan E.


"Many thanks to Mark at Foam Acoustics for helping us out at very short notice.
The acoustic foam on the walls in our recording booth was getting old and had started to deteriorate.
One morning we opened the door, and found that it had literally started to fall off the walls.
We had to remove it all at short notice and as you would expect, we had an important recording session scheduled the next day.
We phoned Foam Acoustics and Mark had what we needed in stock, and he delivered our order that very same day.
Fantastic service, and our regular clients that have used our recording booth since, have commented that the sound of the booth has improved.
A great outcome all around, thanks very much Mark!" - Joe Hoonhout, Peerless Recording Studio


"When we needed clarity of sound in our radio booth, acoustic foam from foamacoustics.com was effective, high quality and economical" - John Grant, flea radio, Devonport, Auckland